Rusty Solomon : The Changes That Transformed My Life

Rusty Solomon is a sterling example of the power of change. An educated man in a variety of fields, he makes use of his vast experience in the daily operations of his business empire. Interpersonal communication and motivational speaking are keys to his success. Writing, health, and the martial arts are just a few of his areas of expertise he imparts to people and celebrities alike.

One of the elements that enables Rusty Solomon to be successful with helping people is shared experiences. He has walked a mile in the shoes of people who suffer with a weight issue. Two decades ago, Rusty was allowing his weight to determine his course of life. Personal and professional goals were not being met. Depression and other weight related maladies were playing havoc with his health. Exercise was non existent in his life. Fatigue from his eating patterns were robbing him of his dreams of running his own business. Languishing became intolerable and Rusty Solomon ventured forth to introduce change in his life. By the introduction of small changes to his daily routine, he found the determination to improve eating and exercise habits. The first steps to success were being taken in those formative moments.

The effects of his good health were permeating into all facets of his life. Bolstered by renewed energy, he set forth to share his testimony with his fellow man. His vision was of a better world for us and our children through improved vitality. When people became exposed to his story, encouragement grew. By his compassionate words, listeners began to realize that anyone can feel these improvements. A dedication to an exercise regimen allows for a healthy release of stress and a transformation to a positive mindset.

For twenty five years, Rusty Solomon shared his journey. People worldwide have been inspired by his words. Countless lives have been changed by the words, attitudes, and examples that Rusty Solomon has provided to them.

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